Park Avenue Box Top Mattress

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Park Avenue is a super premium mattress giving an exceptionally high level of comfort through a combination of pocketed springs, felt layer, high density soft foam and a quilted layer of memory foam and Dacron covered with premium quality fabric. The comfort layers give additional strength to the mattress, giving optimal support and comfort to your spine. The independent pocketed spring construction gives individual personalized support for the whole body.

Product Features

  • Box Top Pocketed spring mattress
  • Memory foam layered for ultimate comfort
  • High-density foam for softness and comfort
  • High premium quilting
  • Premium quality 220 gsm fabric
  • Additional comfort through 100 gsm decron sheeting
  • Height : 30 cm
  •  Park avenue premium taping
  • Fabric turning handles.
  • Premium quality 220 gsm fabric
  • Air vents for increased hygiene
  • 250 springs per
  • Rotate Only, Non-Flip
  • Made against order, Delivery within 3 – 6 working days

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